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Trendyos Face Cleanser

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    1 Electric facial cleanser device + eye beauty device two-in-one high-efficiency cleaning eye care is an essential home beauty device

    2. Deeply cleans facial skin, promotes eye circulation, relaxes pores, and brings you a comfortable massage experience, suitable for all skin types.

    3 Five modes (Standard mode/Strong mode/Soft mode/Comfort mode/Eye protection hot compress mode) are available for you to choose from to meet the needs of different people and different skin types.

    4. The ergonomically designed body has a smooth curve suitable for holding and is not easy to slip out of your hand.

    5. The skin-friendly and soft silicone brush head combined with thick and fine bristles, can easily deeply clean the entire face without dead ends.

    How to use:
    Press and wait for 3 seconds to turn on then back on power. Press the switch to add gears, choose the gear as according to your personal habits, and select the fifth for massage and heat.
    Material: ABS + Silicone
    Weight: 0.173Kg
    Product of: 5 gears
    Rated voltage: 3.7V
    Rated power: 5W
    Battery capacity: 500mAh

    Product Q&A

    Q : How long does this last?

    A : You can use it for 75minutes or half a month (5 minutes per day) after full charged.

    Q : How do I charge it?

    A : With USB cable charger.

    Q: Is this Oval Face Cleanser easy to clean?

    A : Yes, it's very easy to clean.

    Q: How many speed mode?

    A: Five speed mode.

    Q: What is the material of Oval Face Cleanser?

    A: It’s a silicone material

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    Trendyos Face Cleanser
    Trendyos Face Cleanser
    Trendyos Face Cleanser
    Trendyos Face Cleanser
    Trendyos Face Cleanser
    Trendyos Face Cleanser